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Sleeve Gastrectomy is also popularly known as 'gastric sleeve'.

This is a kind of bariatric surgery which involves removing 75-80% of stomach. This type of surgery is a recent entrant and became popular due to its low complication and very good weight loss results.

Weight loss is possible as the size of the stomach is considerably reduced, the stomach get filled quickly (with only less amount of food).

Many research findings have pointed at Sleeve gastrectomy being as effective as Roux-en-y gastric bypass. Few of the similarities / comparison between these 2 surgeries are

  • Sleeve gastrectomy: Lower chance of nutrient deficiency
  • Sleeve has less complications compared to Roux-en-y
  • Weight loss is very similar with both surgeries

There is one more variant its called as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

One big disadvantage of Sleeve Gastrectomy is that this procedure is not reversible.

Video of Bariatric Surgery