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Obesity Solutions

Child Obesity

Obesity is a growing concern for the parents of children who are obese. This problem is more prevalent in the urban areas, urban lifestyles have a very bad influence on the dietary habits of the children.

Child obesity is a major concern for the governments all over the world. Before looking at obesity solutions, lets try to understand why children are turning obese.


Why overweight

Children roughly between the ages of 10 and 19 years come under the adolescent segment. In the last 2 decades there has been considerable change in the lifestyle of adolescents in the urban areas, this lifestyle change has bought alarming increase in their BMI[body mass index] which is cause for concern.

One of the primary reason for this increased BMI is excessive intake of junk food like burgers, french fries, colas, other fizzy drinks and high calorie bakery items.

Increased intake of high calorie junk food is not the only disturbing point, adolescents physical movement is very less compared to children in older generation. Gadgets and electronic toys are to be blamed for this, on an average urban adolescents spend 2-3 hours playing video games and another 1-2 hours in watching TV.

Most of these children refuse to play outdoor games which will help them burning those extra calories gained by binging on the junk food. There has been considerable reduction in enrollment into various physical sports like basketball, tennis etc this could be attributed to more preference to video games,television and social media like facebook, snapchat and Instagram.


Obesity Treatment

If obesity is due to lifestyle related like sedentary living then traditional weight reduction programs will be helpful.

If its due to genetic reason then no conventional weight reduction solutions will yield result. Genetic reasons means if any seniors in the family (parents, grandparents etc) have history of type 2 Diabetes, then the current generation are highly susceptible.


Weight Loss Solutions

Conventional Weight Loss Solutions

There are many affective / non-affective weight loss solutions, It becomes increasingly difficult for a obese person to choose the right weight reduction program.

Dietary plans where high calorie food can be avoided is one affective way of reducing weight, apart from this there are cross workout, intense cardio exercise plans which help in reducing the weight.

Surgery for Obesity

Surgical weight loss solutions are one of the easy way of reducing over weight. Bariatric procedures are the surgical methods used for reducing weight.

Gastric Bypass is one of the most popular bariatric surgical procedure. Parents can consider this method for reducing weight if the conventional methods of weight reduction fail.