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Obesity Problems

Obesity can be defined as having excess body fat. This body fat can be weight of bone,muscle fat. A person is considered to be obese if their body mass index(BMI) is greater than 30 kg /m2.

If healthy BMI is not maintained than it might lead to host of health problems which will impact the healthy life.

Obesity surgery is one of the sure shot way of reducing the unwanted excess weight. Bariatric procedures like gastric bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy are few of the popular obesity surgical treatments.


Treatment for Obesity should be carefully considered. In-experienced or quacks should not be consulted for surgical obesity treatments. Always consult qualified surgeon who is well versed with laparoscopic procedures, surgeons who are qualified and experienced in bariatric procedures should be considered for treatment for obesity.As explained earlier in the article, solutions of obesity exists, the patient should be properly educated about the pros and cons of various surgical obesity solutions.


Many laparoscopic surgeons who specialize in bariatric procedures are now offering this kind of treatment through obesity clinics.

Dr. Venugopal Pareek is one such experienced bariatric surgeon in Hyderabad.He can consulted for obesity treamtments, reducing overweight and other problems which are better addressed with bariatric procedures.