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New innovations in the medical world are very common, good news for morbidly obese people with BMI > 30, you don't have to worry about the likely post surgery complications if you undergo bariatric surgeries like Gastric Bypass etc, medical researchers have successfully improvised the current bariatric procedures, now there is no need of incisions and the likely post surgery complications as the surgery is performed just by inserting a tube through the throat.This surgical procedure is known as Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal.

The inserted tube goes down the throat into the stomach, once it reaches the desired position the stomach is subjected to multiple folds, this results in shrinking of the stomach avoiding space for the food.

Once the procedure is finished the patient will consume less amount of food which in will result in weight reduction over a period of time.

This procedure can be performed in single day and the patient can be sent home the same day.

Unlike other conventional bariatric surgeries this procedure will have no post operative complications.

This procedure is still not popularized as extensive trials are being done in Europe, majority of the patients who have undergone this procedure have experienced positive outcome, their weight got considerably reduced post surgery.

Traditional bariatric procedures takes weeks for healing completely, thats not the case with this procedure, patients returned without any signs of surgery.

Further trials are being done in US, once these trials are finished there could be greater thrust to popularize these incision free bariatric procedure.