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Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass

As the name suggests, mini gastric bypass surgery is a simplified form of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery (RNY). A thorough review of the studies that specifically evaluated the effectiveness of MGBP shows that the procedure is shorter, easier, less expensive and has lower risk and equally successful outcomes as RNY.

Even though MGBP sounds like an obvious choice between the two procedures, there are a few signifigant reasons why this might not always be the case.

1. Mini gastric bypass usually bypasses much more of the intestine than a standard gastric bypass which could lead to more vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

2. Unlike gastric bypass surgery, digestive enzymes and bile are not diverted away from the stomach after mini gastric bypass.


The Difference Between Mini Gastric Bypass

How did your weight & health change after bariatric surgery?

  • It's costs may be lower than other types of surgery, but experienced surgeons are likely to charge an amount similar to gastric bypass
  • It may be simpler and safer than other surgeries
  • Need for hospitalization following surgery appears to be lower than with other surgeries
  • It has a similar impact on obesity health issues as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery



How does mini-gastric bypass differ from the standard bypass?

The main difference between the standard Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure (RYGBP) and the mini gastric bypass (MGBP) can be seen by comparing the two diagrams below. It is clear that in the case of the MGBP there is only one anastamosis, whereas in the RYGBP there are two - an upper and a lower. Because of this the MGBP can be done in less time than the RYGBP and - at least theoretically - with fewer early complications.Studies show that weight loss and health benefits resulting from mini gastric bypass are essentially the same as for standard Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.



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