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Young people diagnosed as Diabetic are a big NO in the matrimony market.

There are growing apprehensions about the quality of life of a diabetic after marriage. There are many doubts about the male fertility, many parents of prospective brides think diabetic males have infertility, erectile dysfunction problems.

This is not always true, Doctors are giving assurance that a Diabetic male can become a father and Diabetes will not be a hindrance

Similarly Diabetic woman in their 20s can become mother provided they take some simple precautions. Following precautions should be taken 6 months before a diabetic woman plans to conceive.

Go for A1C test to check whether blood sugar levels are under control Test blood and urine for diabetes related kidney complications, similarly look for other problems related to Diabetes like organ, nerve or heart damage.

  • Check your blood pressure, ensure that you are not having Thyroid
  • Get your eye examined for glaucoma /retinopathy
  • Cholesterol levelsshould be normal
  • Triglycerides should also be checked
  • Once your diabetic doctor confirms all the above parameters are under control then you can pretty well plan to conceive
Steps to take after the onset of Pregnancy

The patient is explained not to underestimate the physical and social adjustements he will have to make after surgery he'll have a stomach pouch about the size of small egg.i the first six months after surgery eating too much or too fast may cause either voimiting or can intense pain under your breast bone.

instead of eating regular sized meals three times a day .you 'll be required to four to six times very small meals.about 2 ounces (60ml)each.most people ,however,quickly learn how much can they eat at one meal.and overtime ,the amount you can eat increases.


Surgery for weight reduction is not a miracle procedure .through you can generally expect to lose weight and keep it off,changes needed in your eatin and exercise habits are your to make.but health benefits of losing weight are yours as well.

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