Obesity Control Centre

August 16, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

We offer complete weight reducing programs using the various Bariatric Surgeries. Most often morbidobesity can only be reduced surgically and Dr.Venugopal Pareek and his team are the best bet in…

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Weight Loss Treatment

August 15, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

There are myriad number of weight loss treatments in the market, often obese people are confused to decide which one is the most effective. The most successful treatments involve setting…

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Central Obesity

August 11, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

Obesity is one of the major health concern all over the world. Growing affluence is leading to more than normal weight among the populace in developed and developing countries.Obesity means…

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Patients with Diabetes are in denial

August 8, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

According to a recent survey done by American College of Endocrinology and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes refuse to acknowledge that diabetic. Due to…

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Diabetes treatment with metabolic surgery

July 24, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

An interesting finding has been made by the research team at Lund University Sweden. Diabetic patients who undergo metabolic surgery (bariatric surgery) have been noticed to recover from diabetes. This…

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