Rapid Weight Loss

September 4, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

Urban sedentary living has lead to phenomenal increase in the waist line of people. Its no surprise people who are hardly 25 years old are diagnosed as diabetic. Type 2…

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What is Laparoscopy Surgery?

September 2, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

What is laparoscopy surgery? Laparascopy Surgery is a kind of surgery where minimal cuts / incisions are made on the patient body and the surgical procedure is performed using thin…

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Increased HDL-Cholesterol after Bariatric Surgery reduces Cardiovascular diseases

August 29, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

Cardiovascular disease risk is increasingly found in morbidly obese people. Often obesity clubbed with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, increased triglyceride levels & decreased HDL cholesterol (HDL-C) levels are at high…

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Loosing weight Rapidly

August 27, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

Youth especially women tend to be very conscious of their body weight. Slim personalities are in vogue and health wise its always advisable to not put on extra pounds of…

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Reduce overweight with Healthy eating

August 24, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

Increased weight is cause for so many ailments, reduce overweight by following these eating tips Have Coffee without Sugar Many research findings have proved that Coffee has lots of anti-oxidants…

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