Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

  • Type II Diabetes Most patients experience an improvement in control of their diabetes following bariatric surgery. 77% of diabetes patients are able to stop taking their diabetes medications after surgery.
  • Hypertension Over 60% of patients with high blood pressure are able to stop medications and nearly 80% have an improvement in their high blood pressure.
  • Sleep Apnea Many patients have undiagnosed sleep apnea at their initial evaluation for weight loss surgery. It is important to be tested and start treatment prior to surgery to minimize the risk of complications. 68-95% of patients have resolution of their sleep apnea symptoms following bariatric surgery.
  • Hyperlipidemia Many patients seeking treatment have elevated cholesterol or lipids prior to surgery. Lipid profiles are improved in 60-95% of patients after weight loss procedures.
  • Quality of Life Patients report an improved quality of life and increased activity after weight loss surgery.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

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Patient Testimonials

My name is Ali aldhanhani I am from UAE I had undergone bariatric surgery Sleeve Gastrectomy in the month of April under dr. Venugopal Pareek and the operation was successful I have lost 35 kg after surgery.This time I bring my mother also for Excision B/L Fibroadenosis With the same doctor.I would highly recommend Dr. Venugopal Pareek to anyone.
I came to know about Dr. Venugopal Pareek from Rajasthani Samstha from Abids I have listed his talk and I got inspired. I was suffering obesity problem from last 4 four years after hearing dr Venugopal talk I have consulted him and I explained him my health condition he has suggested me to go for Sleeve Gastric tony surgery. I have done with my surgery last four days back I recovered now and getting discharge happily. Thanks for Dr. Venugopal advice.
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