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Which bariatric surgery is most successful

Bariatric procedures are in vogue since 1950s, different types of bariatric procedures were introduced and most have been discontinued due to some unwanted consequences.

Bariatric procedures can be broadly divided into malabsorptive & restrictive.


Malabsorptive bariatric procedures trigger weight loss by decreasing the absorptive capacity of the small bowel and by limiting the gut's ability to absorb calories.

JejunoIleal [JI] bypass was one of the first types of mala absorptive operations performed, this surgical technique underwent several changes but this left behind a large blind small bowel loop that became susceptible to bacterial growth.

In late 1960s gastric bypass bariatric procedure was introduced, this procedure had both restrictive and malabsorptive features, to date this is the most successful bariatric procedure.

Adjustable Gastric Band is another popular bariatric surgery which is popular with the patients. It has many advantages like reversing and bringing the stomach to the original state after there is drastic reduction in the weight or patient is no more desirous of continuing with gastric band