Is Surgical option The best weight reduction method ?

Obesity is a killer disease afflicting size able percentage of population in the world. It afflicts the patient physically and mentally, creating discomfort in their daily routine.

Conventional weight reduction programs do not yield very good results in reducing the excess weight. Most of the time the most effective weight reduction program will help in cutting down very small percentage of excess weight.
Even if they succeed in reducing good amount of weight, patients often again regain the lost weight due to some unexplainable reasons.

For these kind of morbidly obese people it becomes imperative to look at an solution which will give them lasting solution.

Consult Bariatric Surgeon
Laparoscopic Surgeons who are qualified and trained to perform bariatric procedures could be messiah for the obese people. Innovative improvements in bariatric techniques have bought back happiness in the lives of the obese.

Bariatric procedures like Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve are highly effective weight reduction surgical methods.

In majority of patients who have undergone above bariatric procedures there has be 60 to 70 percent reduction in their weight, they are able to regain their correct BMI levels for the first time in their lives.
Consulting an experienced bariatric surgeon in very important for your weight reduction, semi-experienced or no experienced bariatric surgeons are a big NO. Experienced surgeons will thoroughly evaluate whether you are right candidate for bariatric surgery, if yes which bariatric procedure best suites your body condition will be determined.

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Diabetic Young Adults finding difficult to get married

Young people diagnosed as Diabetic are a big NO in the matrimony market.

There are growing apprehensions about the quality of life of a diabetic after marriage. There are many doubts about the male fertility, many parents of prospective brides think diabetic males have infertility, erectile dysfunction problems.

This is not always true, Doctors are giving assurance that a Diabetic male can become a father and Diabetes will not be a hindrance.

Similarly Diabetic woman in their 20s can become mother provided they take some simple precautions. Following precautions should be taken 6 months before a diabetic woman plans to conceive.

Go for A1C test to check whether blood sugar levels are under control
Test blood and urine for diabetes related kidney complications, similarly look for other problems related to Diabetes like organ, nerve or heart damage.

  1. Check your blood pressure, ensure that you are not having Thyroid
  2. Get your eye examined for glaucoma / retinopathy
  3. Cholesterol levels should be normal
  4. Triglycerides should also be checked
  5. Once your diabetic doctor confirms all the above parameters are under control then you can pretty well plan to conceive.

Steps to take after the onset of Pregnancy

Check your blood sugar levels regularly, this should be very much under control. Any abnormal sugar levels will lead to lots of complications for the baby like abnormal increase in weight, defects in the growth of organs etc.

The advancements in the healthcare field have made conceiving and delivering a healthy baby very much possible for Diabetics.

In order to avoid or aggravate diabetic complications try to ensure that young woman suffering with diabetes should keep their weight under control. Many woman always ponder about how to reduce weight. There are many surgical / non-surgical methods to reduce weight.

If conceiving a child an urgency and if you are over weight, then rapid weight reduction programs can be tried.

In non surgical approach bariatric surgery is one option to reduce the weight.

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Rapid Weight Loss

Urban sedentary living has lead to phenomenal increase in the waist line of people. Its no surprise people who are hardly 25 years old are diagnosed as diabetic. Type 2 Diabetes should be avoided at all costs. Keeping aside the segment of people who are genetically predisposed to type 2 Diabetes, there is a sizable amount of urban population who are falling prey to Diabetes.

Almost in all cases unhealty dieatary habits and highly immobile lifestyle lead to this situation, first people become obese and then it eventually leads to type 2 diabetes

Obese people should consider rapid weight loss methods to shed the extra pounds.

A very intense physical workout plan would be of immense help in shedding the extra pounds, but when such workouts are being done be careful and try to avoid any of injuries, cramps or sprains which will again make you immobile and keep you away from exercising.

Rapid weight loss methods are many among them Bariatric surgical procedures which are popularly known as surgery for diabetes should be considered for very quick impact.

Bariatric procedures like gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, mini gastric bypass are very popular rapid weight loss surgical procedures.

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Patients with Diabetes are in denial

According to a recent survey done by American College of Endocrinology and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes refuse to acknowledge that diabetic. Due to drastic changes in the lifestyle type 2 Diabetes is hitting people as early as 30 years.

Increased junk food intake, clubbed with sedentary lifestyle, erratic sleeping pattern are all causes for increased obesity which eventually leads to type 2 Diabetes. The young generation should discipline their lifestyle and should exercise regularly to avoid all the symptoms of diabetes.

Early intervention of diabetic care will immensely reduce the life threatening complications associated with type 2 diabetes. Vital organs like kidneys, eyes are at risk if a disciplined life is not by the diabetics.

Bariatric surgery should be considered by the obese diabetic people, these procedures are one of the best way of avoiding complications of type 2 Diabetes.

Impaired glucose tolerance should be treated in the early stages of diabetes, for this people with family history of diabetes should start testing their blood sugar levels from mid 20s.

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Diabetes treatment with metabolic surgery

An interesting finding has been made by the research team at Lund University Sweden.

Diabetic patients who undergo metabolic surgery (bariatric surgery) have been noticed to recover from diabetes. This strange but positive phenomenon has been observed just few days after patients undergo metabolic surgery.

Scientists at the Lund University are trying to understand what are the possible factors for the reversal of diabetic symptoms, Nils Wierup (researcher involved in this study) is trying to understand the reasons behind this and trying to replicate the same without metabolic surgery.

This development is really a boon for type 2 diabetic patients. If a bariatric procedure can help diabetic patients it would be a big relief for all type 2 diabetic patients all over the world.
Researchers are working hard to unravel the reasons behind such reversal. Clinical trials are being done in both humans and pigs, the reason pigs are choosend for this trial is pigs are anatomical very
close to humans. The gastrointestinal hormones are similar in pigs and humans.

If less extensive gastric bypass relieve the patients of diabetic patients than most of the chronic symptoms could be eliminated thus improving the quality of lives for the diabetics.

It is understood that gastrointestinal tract plays an important role in glucose homeostasis, researchers are suspecting that metabolic surgery dramatically changes the gastrointestinal bacterial flora as the pH is also changing, this is a precursor for other bacterias can thrive similarly.
This research work is still in a very nascent stage, extensive clinical trials needs to be done to clearly
ascertain the impact of bariatric procedures in handling type diabetes mellitus ailment.

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