Is Surgical option The best weight reduction method ?

September 10, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

Obesity is a killer disease afflicting size able percentage of population in the world. It afflicts the patient physically and mentally, creating discomfort in their daily routine. Conventional weight reduction…

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Diabetic Young Adults finding difficult to get married

September 5, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

Young people diagnosed as Diabetic are a big NO in the matrimony market. There are growing apprehensions about the quality of life of a diabetic after marriage. There are many…

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Rapid Weight Loss

September 4, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

Urban sedentary living has lead to phenomenal increase in the waist line of people. Its no surprise people who are hardly 25 years old are diagnosed as diabetic. Type 2…

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Patients with Diabetes are in denial

August 8, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

According to a recent survey done by American College of Endocrinology and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes refuse to acknowledge that diabetic. Due to…

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Diabetes treatment with metabolic surgery

July 24, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

An interesting finding has been made by the research team at Lund University Sweden. Diabetic patients who undergo metabolic surgery (bariatric surgery) have been noticed to recover from diabetes. This…

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