Reduce Over Weight

September 4, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

Obesity is a major health hazard affecting almost one thir of Indian citizens.Normally we gain weight when we consume more calories from food than our body uses through its normal functions(basal metabolic rate-…

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Obesity Control Centre

August 16, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

We offer complete weight reducing programs using the various Bariatric Surgeries. Most often morbidobesity can only be reduced surgically and Dr.Venugopal Pareek and his team are the best bet in…

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Origin & History of Bariatric Surgery

July 3, 2016 BSIBPA zero comment

The word Bariatric is derived from the greek word ‘Baro’ which means ‘heavy weight’. Modern usage of the word Bariatric is associated with field of medicine that deals with weight…

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